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It's that time of year again...not quite midterms, but close enough that you want to keep up with the work.  You haven't quite burned out yet, so you're open to finding other places to study and haven't curled into bed sobbing over your books and hoping they transmit via osmosis.  

So here are some of the best ways to find study spots that I've found.  

1.  Where there are cool drinks

Seriously, you find the most amazing drinks at these little places, and they have great wifi, great tables, and a quaint, non-school atmosphere.  Anything but school somedays, you know?  I rediscovered a quaint cafe a bit off campus and got probably the most amazing chai latte there.  Then I found a quite bit more hip cafe yesterday that I normally just go to for gelato, but they make super bitter hot chocolate--just the way I like it.  And yes...I went to a chain..Starbucks.  But they make the most amazing berry sangria tea thingy.  Not quite sure what to call it but it's probably the most amazing non-caffeine drink I've had in a long time.  

2.  Where there are cool things

Food.  It's essential to studying...so why not grab something that's yummy and settle down to work.  I absolutely love napoleon pastries so this was quite the score for me.  White boards are quite helpful, so when I find one that's a fun day.  And third...why not do some homework when you're playing with some electrical wiring and prosthetic motors.  

3.  Where there are cool places

I have to work in noise...I'm not quite sure why but I can't work in quiet.  My favorite places to work are coffee shops and labs.  Both have a completely different setting, but plenty of noise.  

4.  Where there are cool views

Cool views can make studying so much better.  From the night time view, to the beach, to this cute squirrel I keep seeing whenever I study outside, getting some vitamin D when you're studying can be a great thing!
<![CDATA[When Your Week Doesn't Go As Planned]]>Fri, 16 Sep 2016 04:00:00 GMThttp://livinglifeasayoungadult.com/home/when-your-week-doesnt-go-as-planned
Sometimes your weeks just don't go as planned (aka the craft I was supposed to make is still in shambles...proof is above).  That's just life; it's not that big of a deal, you reorganize, maybe shift your Google calendar around a little, find some time (you may have to steal it from your sleep schedule).  But guess what....today is Friday!!!!!  So here's a sneak peak at what I've been doing this week (instead of crafting).  
Career fairs, after info sessions, after recruitment, after literally everything else under the sun.  I'm a big security person, so even though I have a possible job on the table, I figure dropping a few resumes won't hurt me at all.  Besides, I'm one of those random people who likes networking and interviews.  
Studying outside!  There's been quite a few beautiful days so I took advantage of them and studied outside.  There's nothing better than getting vitamin D while learning about bioengineering cases :)
A lotttttttt of night time studying.  They say that there are only 24 hours in a day, but it's really more about how you use your time.  I saw this thing on Facebook saying I'm not a morning robin, I'm not a night owl, I'm a sleepless pigeon.  I'm afraid I was the pigeon this week.  
I went to a hackathon and got these cuties :)  Platypus has joined my mini germ/animal/robot collection and the minion (Kevin) has taken up residence on my desk.  
This squirrel.  It was weird...very weird.  It literally did acrobatics to get garbage food.  I swear city squirrels have some odd, very brazen habits.  
​What did you do this week?
<![CDATA[Let's Talk Laundry]]>Mon, 12 Sep 2016 04:00:00 GMThttp://livinglifeasayoungadult.com/home/lets-talk-laundry
Let's talk laundry.  Now you'd think it'd be easy enough...soap, maybe fabric softener and bleach--well that's not too hard right?  Well...over the last few years I've seen one too many washers overflowing with soap, or clothes shrunk, or pretty much any other casualty you can see in laundry (pink socks anyone?).  So I thought it was high time to talk about some laundry basics.  Now I've made quite a few mishaps myself...I've shrunk shirts, turned a white shirt blue (it turned back to white...everyone can release the breath they're holding).  


If you don't know anything start here.  Put clothes in dryer in separate washes: towels and bedding, whites, darks, delicates.  Estimate the size of the load and read the directions on the back of the soap bottle to see how much to add.  If there's a special compartment for the soap, put it in there.  If not put it on top of the clothes.  Repeat with fabric softener, or add softener sheets to the dryer later.  Set wash according to the settings (again delicate/non delicate/bedding).  After wash is finish, hang up any clothing you don't want to shrink so it can air dry.  Put everything else in the dryer on the appropriate setting.  

1.  Fold Your Laundry

There have been times in life that an twin XL mattress will hold me, my textbooks, and at least a load of laundry.  Not a wise idea...though you may seem to be saving time by not folding your clothes, they're going to get wrinkled and basically unwearable and covered in dust.  So keep you and the textbooks in your bed (hey they get into your brain by osmosis right?) and put the laundry in drawers or hanging up or somewhere it's not going to get anymore wrinkled.  If it's wrinkled....it's time to use an iron.  It may be a pain to drag out a board and heavy metal/electric thing, but at least it's not old cast iron ones that will scorcha your hands.  

2.  Bedding

Wash.  Your.  Bedding.  This may seem like a no brainer, but I bet you haven't washed your sheets in a few weeks or your comforter in forever.  Unless your a crazy engineer like me and spend less than 6 hours a night in bed, the average young adult is probably spending about 56 hours per week sleeping.  Now that's like wearing clothes for 2.5 days straight--eww.  Wash your sheets once a week, your skin will thank you (and bacteria will begin to hate you).  Bedding is a bit more complicated...it's a pain to wash and isn't made to be washed every week, but since it's not directly on your skin like sheets are, you can get by with once a month probably.  Make sure you get something easily washable--you don't want that dry cleaning bill once a month.  

3.  Four Tips

1)  I'm not a febreez-ing fan, I think it's better for those around you and your skin to just wash your stuff unless your in a pinch.  But...you can make your clothes smell good with a lavender sachet or some lavender scent.  
2) Suits.  Just dry clean them.  They last longer, they come back pressed and look way more professional.  I'm not one to send a lot of stuff to the dry cleaners but this is one of my non-negotiables.  
3) Ruffles.  Hang it up right away!  Ironing ruffles is the biggest pain you can imagine but if you hang it up pretty fast you can prevent most of the ironing
4) Don't overstuff the wash.  Over the summer I had a stacked washer and dryer and let me tell you I could barely fit more than 6 towels in the wash at once.  If you overstuff your clothes aren't going to get clean, so this is in your best interest after all.  

4.  Get Easy to Wash Clothes

Every single one of these outfits I wash myself--no dry cleaning.  The first one (ok the cute one with the backpack.  I swear I wasn't doing the princess diaries pose here....I was on crutches at the time and trying to take a picture without them and without putting weight on my broken leg).  Is a sweater dress pair....sweaters can be a pain because they pull alot, but if you're careful to only wash them after 1 or 2 wears and keep it on gentle cycle they'll most likely be ok.  The top work outfit I also wash on delicates.  Cold water and separating colours keeps your clothes fresh-er for long-er.  Also do NOT wash delicates in a machine washer with an agitator...this will literally rip most of todays clothes apart.  The third outfit (that green dress I love WAY too much) is cotton.  Cotton is a great fabric because it washes well, doesn't really wrinkle, and looks great.  

If you have a laundry question feel free to post below!  Or post your best laundry tips!

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<![CDATA[Hanging Succulent Garden]]>Fri, 09 Sep 2016 03:48:28 GMThttp://livinglifeasayoungadult.com/home/september-08th-2016
An important part of boho style is greenery.  I'm not the best at watering plants every day (let's face it...I get about 6 hours of precious sleep and I'm not about to give that little bit up to water plants).  That makes succulents absolutely amazing plants!  Due to a bunch of fancy photosynthesis techniques and processes that I won't bore you with, succulents need sun and not a lot of water.  I came across this stand in the farmer's market that was selling 4 succulents for $10 which is an absolute steal, and I just had to make this little craft.  
Along the wall outside the bathroom and towards the bedrooms, it's a pretty blank stretch.  I decided to make little macrame rope nets and lovely as always command hooks to make a bit of a hanging garden.   I've been pretty bummed about not being able to hang anything from the ceiling (it's a popcorn ceiling) so this was a perfect alternative.
I started out with jute, and cut it into 8 strands, equal length.  I knotted them all together.  The I tied each pair of strings together with a know.  Then I took one string from each pair and tied it to one from the pair next to it.  It creates a net that you can custom fit your planters to--and they slide right in and out. 
I then looped together the top 8 to form a hook to hang on the command hook.  I did a few different knots--be creative and try out a few different ones :)
I varied lengths and came out with a varied height and colour and everything and the wall looks absolutely gorgeous.  It's quite fun making your own decorations and adding a bit of greenery!  
<![CDATA[Dorm Reveal!!!!!!]]>Fri, 02 Sep 2016 04:00:00 GMThttp://livinglifeasayoungadult.com/home/september-02nd-2016
Check below for some great pictures of my new dorm!  Stay tuned for weekly Friday projects...first one is below :)
​Living Room/Kitchen
I absolutely love fresh flowers!  Gladiolas take up a ton of space and are also really cheap!  They bloom over a few days for optimal freshness. 
Remember the sunset paintings from my summer apartment?  I repurposed them here.  
I've absolutely fallen in love with contact paper too.  It's super easy to put on, comes off super easy, and can decorate a space however you want.  Here I used it to spice up some plain wooden shelves.  All you do is measure, peel, and stick.  
I even used some on the wall to kind of make a small background in the mirror :) 

Stay tuned for a new decoration next week!